The constitution below was adopted at the AGM of the club in October 1998.

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1. Name


1.1 The club shall be known as CANTERBURY HARRIERS


2. Objects


2.1 The purpose of the club is to assist and encourage all members of the club with their athletic aspirations and to promote athletics in general.



3. Membership


3.1 The club shall consist of amateurs, as defined by the AAA or BAF.


3.2 Applications for membership will be made by completing the club's Application Form which must be forwarded to the club Secretary. The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse membership if that action is considered to be appropriate.


3.3 The annual subscription will become due the day after the Annual General Meeting each year. The annual subscription will be set by the Management Committee.


3.4 The current year subscription must be paid prior to a member competing for the club.


3.5 Any member who wishes to:

  1. resign from the club
  2. transfer to another club
  3. become second claim to another club


must inform the Club Secretary in writing and, where appropriate, complete the relevant forms required by the AAA or BAF.


3.6 Any member believed to have behaved in a manner prejudicial to the good name of the club or in any way which is against the interests of members will be requested to attend an interview with three nominated members of the Management Committee. If after that hearing the three nominated members recommend expulsion, the member will be entitled to request in writing a hearing with the full Management Committee. The matter will be heard within 14 days of receipt of that written request.


3.7 Details of any expulsions will be passed on to the KCAA.


4. Management Committee


4.1 The management of the club shall be vested in an elected Management Committee which shall comprise of: Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer; Chief Coach; Administration Officer; between six and a maximum of ten runners' representatives. Only fully paid up, first claim members are eligible for election.


4.2 The Management Committee has authority to co-opt additional members and to form sub-committees/working groups when considered necessary.


4.3 A quorum of the Management Committee will be six members.


4.4 Management Committee meetings will take place on a monthly basis.


5. Annual General Meeting


5.1 A general meeting will be held annually, usually during the month of October.


5.2 The meeting will receive the Management Committee's report, including the club's audited accounts.


5.3 Each position on the Management Committee is subject to election by the body of the meeting. Only fully paid up, first claim members may vote in the election of Management Committee members.


5.4 The club Secretary will give members adequate notice of the time, date and location of the AGM and the list of agenda items.


5.5 Any member wishing to have a specific matter added to the agenda must forward that matter to the Secretary seven days prior to the meeting. Otherwise the matter will be dealt with as any other business at the meeting.



6. Special General Meetings


6.1 If a written request to discuss one or more subjects, signed by a minimum of twenty members, is received by the club Secretary a Special General Meeting (SGM) will be called within 21 days to discuss those matters.


6.2 The appropriately signed written request must contain full details of the reason for and substance of the request.



7. Club Colours


7.1 The club colours will be navy blue vests and shorts with a broad white stripe on both. The vest will carry the club name across the breast.


7.2 Club colours must be worn by members when representing the club in competitive events.



8. Constitution


8.1 No addition or amendment will be made to this constitution unless sanctioned at an AGM or SGM called for that purpose.


8.2 Notwithstanding anything aforesaid all club members are subject to any rules established by any organisation to which the club is affiliated, such as the AAA or BAF.



9. Club Finances


9.1 A bank account will be operated by the club in the name of Canterbury Harriers.


9.2 Cheques drawn on the account can only be signed by any two of three officers of the club, namely the Chairman, the Treasurer or the Secretary.


9.3 The club will not be responsible for any liabilities entered into by any member in the name of the club unless they have specific authorisation from the Management Committee.



10. Dissolution of The Club


10.1 The club may only be dissolved by an SGM or an AGM. In the event of such dissolution all assets of the club will be transferred to the KCAA.


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