Race Result

Event name Folkestone 10
Date 2018-03-30   11:00
Venue The Green, Hythe, Cinque Ports Ave, Hythe, Kent, CT21 6HS
Race type Road
Distance 10 Miles   (certified accurate - http://coursemeasurement.org.uk/detail.php?area=South&no=2015130)
Terrain flat
Conditions Windy and wet
Number of finishers 673
URI for event info http://www.folkestone10mile.co.uk
URI for location map https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=CT21+6HS
URI for results http://www.folkestone10mile.co.uk/results/2018-results/
Race summary In really tough windy and wet conditions it was always going to make this race hard. 14 Harriers raced here today. Yiannis was first Harrier back with a new PB, the first 5 miles he found tough against the wind but the turn around point worked hard for his 17 seconds PB. Next up was Alex, he was followed by Mark who got a PB and was well under the 1:10 mark. PB's still came, with Mark Duffy beating his last time, Daren had a huge PB and worked really hard for it. Stephanie also had a PB and Lidia made a good debut well under the 1:30 mark. Well done everyone that was so tough.
Pos Name Cat Time Rtg Notes
26 Yiannis Christodoulou SM34 1:00:13 74.18 PB
41 Alex Horsley VM41 1:03:17 73.12  
90 Mark Baker VM47 1:08:12 70.94  
117 Mark Duffy SM38 1:10:16 64.47 PB
139 Colin Kent VM52 1:12:30 69.41  
142 Mike Denson VM46 1:12:42 66.03  
209 Daren Parris VM49 1:17:31 63.37 PB
219 Gemma Jeffrey VF37 1:18:05 64.12  
226 Paul O'Keefe VM47 1:18:33 61.58  
256 Tom Jessup SM24 1:20:27 55.52  
270 Steph Bancroft VF50 1:21:18 68.73 PB
269 Melanie Christodoulou SF27 1:21:37 60.51  
309 Tony Savage VM63 1:24:36 65.72  
344 Lidia Modzelewska VF42 1:27:01 59.91 Debut