Race Result

Event name Winter Ranscombe Ramble
Date 2018-01-21   09:00
Venue Saxon Shore
Race type Road
Distance Marathon
Terrain flat
URI for results http://www.saxon-shore.com/results/rachels_ranscombe_ramble.html
Race summary Sunday was billed as less hilly, but Karen's watch had it at 3485ft for the 50km (just over 32 miles by my watch). The sleet/snow held off for the first two hours, but that just made the mud stick more. The fact that Sarah took just under 5 1/2 hours for the marathon distance is a good indicator of how tough it was.Sean Maguire also took on the challenge and managed to complete 5 laps of the course 21.85 miles it’s the first time he’s taken part in one of these challenges and he couldn’t really have picked a tougher one, especially as the furthest he’s run before was around 16 miles on the road Well done all.
Pos Name Cat Time Notes
  Sarah Maguire VF48 5:26:28 26.2 miles
  Sean Maguire SM24 6:10:00 21.85 miles
  Karen Bennett VF44 7:24:21 31.1 miles