Race Result

Event name Saturn Running Ultra
Date 2018-06-24   11:00
Venue Thames
Race type Road
Distance 50 miles
Terrain undulating
Conditions Sunny and warm
URI for results https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/b38f88_1e99fccc6fc3409c8a7f74c...
Race summary Karen did this race and said: relatively new company doing 7 hour times events on the Thames at Runnymede. I got to 36.1 hot miles, demolishing an ice cream before the final lap and with regular stops at a boat yard on the route to check out the England score (they didn't offer me any of their pizza or beer, though). I was first female for the timed distance event, mainly because most people were sensible and stopped earlier. Oh, and I did get to chat to Steve Edwards, the bloke who holds 7 current Guinness records for marathon running, as he lapped me.... twice. Well done Karen.
Pos Name Cat Time Notes
  Karen Bennett VF45 7:17:50 36.1 miles