Race Result

Event name 100 Mile Endurance Run
Date 2019-03-09   11:00
Venue Samphre Hoe
Race type Road
Distance 125 miles
Terrain undulating
Conditions Very windy
URI for results http://www.saxon-shore.com/results/samphire_100.html
Race summary Karen managed to earn herself a gold sub-24 buckle at Samphire 100 and third place female, finishing in 22 hours 53 minutes. Karen said it was brutal at times (actually, all the time), with gales along the sea wall and relentless rain through the night. Ended up soaked to the skin and lost the ability to think rationally ( I couldn’t recall how to fasten my coat). I’ve admired the sub-24 hour runners I know since starting running marathons, but always thought it was several steps too far for me. Turns out I’m more stubborn than I have myself credit for. Well done Karen, amazing achievement.
Pos Name Cat Time Notes
  Karen Bennett VF46 22:53:44 3rd Lady