Race Result

Event name Brighton Marathon
Date 2017-04-09   09:00
Venue Brighton
Race type Road
Distance Marathon   (certified accurate)
Terrain flat
Conditions Hot and sunny
URI for results http://results.active.com/events/brighton-marathon-2017/parti...
Race summary 17 Harriers ran in these warm conditions and we had 10 debuts for the club in this distance. Paul broke the 3 hour barrier and beat his target, Dean broke the 3:40 mark on his debut. Dave had a special day he got to run side by side for the first time with his daughters on their first marathon and they where well under the 5 hour mark. Daren also broke the 5 hour mark on his debut, he was followed by Jo and David. Everyone ran really well in these conditions and well done to you all, very inspiring.
Pos Name Cat Time Rtg Notes
  Paul Knight VM43 2:58:57 73.63 Debut
  Thomas Purnell SM29 3:07:45 67.55  
  Dean Bradshaw SM30 3:37:31 58.31 Debut
  Andy Phillips VM54 3:37:52 65.88  
  Paul Keen SM38 4:07:05 51.47 Debut
  Steph Bancroft VF49 4:16:45 59.89 Debut
  Beth Burnett SF23 4:22:56 52.81 Debut
  Rosie Maltby SF28 4:33:23 50.79  
  Sally Silver VF42 4:34:15 52.81  
  Dave Bowden VM53 4:51:04 48.91  
  Daren Parris VM48 4:53:10 46.66 Debut
  Jo Manser VF46 4:55:28 50.69  
  David Dunn SM37 4:57:13 42.67 Debut
  Deb Parris VF48 5:02:19 50.41 Debut
  Karen Hoult VF52 5:20:42 49.28  
  Briony Care VF40 6:09:05 38.61