Last updated 8th May 2021

Club Restart
We are opening the club ONLY for Tuesday sessions for now. The first session will be on Tuesday 13th
of April 2021. There be will a limited number of 30 members and 2 coaches that can turn up on a
Tuesday evenings at Birleys. There will be 2 groups of 15 members each at different ends/sections of
the field due to England Athletics and Government guidelines. Each session will be different at either end of the field. Due to the limited amount of people we can have it will be via the booking system outlined below.

New Members
The club has always welcomed people to come and join in and join the club, however at the moment
the club is closed to new members due to the limited numbers we can coach
. If new runners do
turn up they will be politely told to leave and hopefully they can join in the future. This is because our
current members come first due to limited numbers. This is only temporary until further restrictions are

Covid Secure Environment
We are classed as a Covid-19 secure environment.
The requirements for a Covid secure environment are as follows:

  1. Covid-19 officer is in place to assess the guidelines we have put in place – this is Sally Silver.
  2. We have an action plan and risk assessment for the area of use – these guidelines have been
    sent to Kings School for their records. The 2 coaches holding the sessions will also be
    completing a risk assessment and register for each session and giving these to me to keep as
    a record.
  3. Activity complies with Government guidance around social distancing, before, during and after
    activity – see guidelines below.
  4. We have a list of participant contact details in the instance of Track and Trace. Please note
    that these details may have to be shared with the government’s Test and Trace initiative if
    required. If you believe your details have changed, please inform who will direct you to the appropriate committee
  5. Everyone at the session maintains good hygiene and provisions are in place for this – see
    guidelines below.

Club Policy

  1. You must arrive to the club in good hygiene. DO NOT TURN UP WITH COVID-19 symptoms,
    common cold and feeling generally unwell and if family members have the
    aforementioned symptoms. If you do, you will be told to go home and may have a ban
    from the club as you are risking club members’ health. If you are shielding or selfisolating DO NOT turn up for training.
  2. You can no longer just turn up to training; you will have to pre-book using the booking
  3. When you arrive at the club you must only arrive 5 minutes before your designated time
    slot for your session and if you are early then you will have to wait in the car. You may only
    congregate just before the session but in your designated bubble and socially distance by 2
    metres. There will be no congregating at all before your time slot and after the session.
    You will need to leave straight after the session.
  4. When you arrive you will have to use the hand sanitiser provided. Changing rooms are
    closed so you will need to arrive to the club changed and ready to run and all you need
    for the run.
  5. You cannot shower, however toilets will be open but it will only be one person allowed in
    at a time and a one way system
    . If you need to use the toilet you enter from the main building
    doors as normal and you exit through the back door in the changing rooms. You will then
    have to use hand sanitizer as you would have been touching door handles. Birleys will
    clean the premises following our session.
  6. At all times you are required to be socially distanced by 2 metres for briefings and the
    sessions. IF YOU DO NOT OBEY
    this rule, the coach will give you one warning; if you repeat
    the breach then you will be either be asked to leave or the session will stop for everyone.
    There is a strict zero tolerance policy on this and if you do not obey this you will have a two
    week ban from training with the club. The club does not want to do this but we have to ensure
    the safety of all our members and their families.
  7. After the session you will need to use the hand sanitiser and then go straight home;
    unfortunately no hanging around and you must shower at home.

Booking System
There is a booking system in place and it is purely by random selection with 30 spots free every
Tuesday at

From Friday until Sunday 12 noon you can register to attend the session for the following Tuesday. The selection of attendees will be by random selection. The committee have confirmed that no other form of communication will be accepted. Therefore texts, Facebook messages, emails to other committee members etc will not be accepted as it HAS to be via the booking system.

On Sunday afternoon the booking system will email you if you are successful with your training group and time – this will be your bubble. Your time slot will be 6:55pm or 7:05pm and please arrive 5 minutes before your session. When the session is full there will be a reserve list for people who have dropped out. If you
cannot attend your designated slot, please inform Yiannis ASAP so that your position can be reallocated.
Those on the reserve list will get priority the following week as well as people who didn’t come the week before as the sessions were oversubscribed.

You will be given a bubble to stay with each week because if anyone develops COVID-19 from that
bubble, we can track and trace the bubble. Everyone must obey these guidelines.

Members will not be able to attend two weeks in a row if sessions are oversubscribed; priority
is given to people who were not able to run the previous week.

If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact me directly or a committee member.

Yiannis Christodoulou
Head Coach