Birley’s – St Stephen’s Road – St Stephen’s Court – Footpath to St Stephen’s Footpath – Footpath across Beverley Meadow – St Stephen’s  Road – Beaconsfield Road –  Forty Acres Road –  Whitstable Road – London Road –  Underpass to Rheims Way- Rheims Way –  Underpass to Castle Street – Castle Row – City Wall –  Pin Hill Footbridge to Canterbury East Station – Footpath to  Lansdown Road – Nunnery Fields – South Canterbury Road – Hospital – Nackington Road – Junction with Old Dover Road –  Up  to top of Old Dover Road  – New Dover Road – St Augustine’s Road – Footpath alongside Canterbury College – Spring Lane – Longport – Burgate (Optional start last mile fast) – Cathedral Christchurch Gate (main entrance gate) – round the east/far end of cathedral & along flagstone path to Dark Entry to Cloisters – round King’s Sch Green Court – through gate to Borough – King St – Knott’s Lane – St Radigund’s – Causeway – Station Road West – Under Railway Bridge – Footpath right immediately after railway bridge to St Stephen’s Court – St Stephen’s Road –  Birley’s  (A = 7.5 miles/12.1 km approx)

The following map shows the route with the numbered markers being in kilometres. You can move the cursor over the elevation map to give an animation of the route.