Birley’s – St Stephen’s Road to St. Stephen’s Church –  Birdcage Walk footpath alongside Birley’s Field – Farleigh Road – Tenterden Drive – The Terrace – Manwood Avenue – St. Stephen’s Hill – steps up hillside to footpath to University Campus – Darwin Road – Giles Lane – Parkwood Road to University Sports Fields Pavilion –  – Loop Round Parkwood Estate –  Footpath to University  Sports Centre – Giles Lane – Whitstable Road: can use pelican crossing right of Giles Lane junction to cross – Clifton Gardens  – Harcourt Drive – Westgate Court Avenue – Fisher Rd – Path Leading to Victoria Hotel/End of London Road –Cross to path to Queens Avenue (Start option  last mile fast) – Whitehall Railway Bridge – Whitehall Bridge Road – Whitehall Rd – St. Dunstan’s – Kirby’s Lane – Station Road West – Under Railway Bridge – Footpath right immediately after railway bridge to St. Stephen’s Court – St. Stephen’s Road – Birley’s   (D = 6.3 miles/10.2 km approx)

The following map shows the route with the numbered markers being in kilometres. You can move the cursor over the elevation map to give an animation of the route.