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Canterbury Half Marathon

During a very wet Canterbury Half Marathon, Peter Hogben raced home in 1:16:48, nearly 4 minutes ahead of the second. Mike Mawby returned from injury in an impressive 9th position in 1:25:03, closely followed by James Scanlon in 1:28:40, a new PB.  All three collected the team prize.  Andy Phillips also obtained a PB in 1:34:34.

Peter Hogben wins Canterbury Half Marathon 2015

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Mount Ephraim 10K

At Mount Ephrain in warm conditions, the Harries produced some excellent results: Matthew Pearce came 2nd in 39:05, followed by James Scanlon in 40:22 (a PB) and Andy Phillips in 40:42, resulting in them gaining the team prize.


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Aylesham & East Kent 5K and 10K

At the Aylesham & East Kent 5K and 10K, there was an unusual “couples” winning spree for the Canterbury Harriers.  The 5K was closer to a 4 mile run than a 5K race.  Yiannis Christodoulou raced back in first place in 22:49 followed by his wife, Melanie Christodoulou, as First Lady in 32:02 making it her first trophy win.  Melanie stated “the course was extremely hilly, which wasn’t helped by the high temperatures.  I think my 5K run in Los Angeles a few weeks earlier helped me along this course”.

Another couple achieving a great time was Rosalie Maltby, who was Second Lady in the 5K in 34:11.  Her partner, Tom Purnell, achieved third place in the 10K in 39:00.

Also doing well in the 10K was Jo Norrington, who was First Lady back in 46:33.  Ellen Rowe gained Second Lady and First Vet 40 Lady in 49:39.


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Mid Kent 5 Miler

At the Mid Kent 5 Miler, Tom Millard dashed to second place in 27:01, gaining a PB.  To help the Canterbury Harriers achieve the team prize, Adam Stokes achieved 29:25 and Yiannis Christodoulou ran 30:09 (a new PB).  Ian Stokes achieved 1st Vet 55 in 33:09 and Tony Savage ran well in 39:19.

Also, at the Alfie Gough Memorial Ramsgate 10K, Jo Norrington achieved 1st Lady in 43:27 and Ellen Rowe 2nd Lady in 46:17.



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The Deal Dinosaur 10K

At the Deal Dinosaur 10K, a very wet and windy race, Tom Millard flew home in third place in 34:10 and Stephen Hobbs obtained a PB of 36:54. Also doing well at the race was Alex Horsley, who achieved a PB in 38:25.  Matthew made a fantastic debut in 37:35 and helped to collect the team prize.  Jon did well in under the 55 minute mark.



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Bailey’s Nissan Whitstable 10K

The Bailey’s Nissan Whitstable 10K had an excellent turn-out with 643 attendees on this sunny day, with over 100 marshals from the Canterbury Harriers helping in the organisation of the day. The first male winner was Andrew Pickett from the Dartford Harriers in an excellent time of 34:29 and the first female winner was Lynne Champion from Istead & Ifield Harriers in an impressive 41:38.

Also, at the 10K Race Series Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Tom Millard flew to first position in 35:06

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London Marathon

Melanie Georgiades

At the London Marathon, Adam Stokes achieved 100th position, a PB and a new club record in 2:33:23. The club record had stood since 2004.

Also achieving PBs were: Matthew Pearce (2:56:38),

Faye Roberts (3:14:16) and Wendy Osmond (4:15:10).

Also, at the Southampton Half Marathon, Shirley Pullen achieved a great result and PB in 2:16:55.


Adam Stokes London Marathon

Adam Stokes on his way to an incredible club record in the London Marathon

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Asics Greater Manchester Marathon

Melanie Georgiades

At the Asics Greater Manchester Marathon, Tom Millard and Tom Purnell achieved ‘elite’ times on the flattest marathon in the UK, gaining entry to the London Marathon next year. Tom Millard came in 39th position in 2:40:40 and Tom Purnell followed closely behind in 45th position in 2:41:08. David Waite gained an excellent time in his debut in 3:11:20 and Thomas Fentem in 3:43:41.

At the Jersey Easter Marathon, Jo Norrington gained an excellent time of 3:49:50 and achieved 2nd lady in her 11th position.

At the Ashford & District Half Marathon, Beth Bunett achieved a great result of 1:43:52 and Briony Care in 2:00:31.

At the Darent Valley 10K, Yiannis Christodoulou raced home on a hilly course in 28th position in 39:01.


Tom Millard Greater Manchester Marathon

Tom Millard achieving his elite time

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Marathons and Races All-round

Melanie Georgiades

As the Marathon season is under way, at the Brighton Marathon Steve Hobbs achieved an excellent result in 51st place, in 2:55:59. He was shortly followed by Matthew Pearce in 66th position in 2:57:52. David Bowden ran well in 3:04:08 and Colin Kent in 3:14:08, who also achieved a PB. Thomas Hooley finished in a time of 3:42:50, a great PB. Emily Hardy ran in 4:27:40 and Sally Silver in 4:28:45.

Also, at the Brighton Marathon 10K, Adam Stokes ran in at 34:06, another great race time.

At the Gravesend Floodlit 10K, Ian Stokes gained 12th position in 39:59 as well as achieving a PB in 30th position. Beth Burnett came-in at 45:22, a new PB. Anna Fisk ran well in 52:17, in 42nd position.

At the Goudhurst 10K, Wendy Smith achieved a great result of 50:15 achieving 1st Lady Vet 55.

Penny Birchall travelled to the Rotterdam Marathon and achieved a great result of 3:37:24.

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Folkestone 10 Miler and Official Canterbury 10K

Melanie Georgiades

At the Folkestone 10 Miler, Adam Stokes raced into ninth position in 57:00 in his debut.  Faye Roberts gained an excellent result of 1:06:47 gaining 3rd Lady and a PB.

Also, at the Official Canterbury 10K Peter Hogben zoomed into first place in 34:20, closely followed by Steve Hobbs in 37:02 (gaining a PB and 1st Vet 40).  Andy Phillips came in ninth position and obtained another PB and 1st Vet 50 in 41:01.  Fiona Tester achieved 2nd Lady in 45:05. The Harriers Men and Ladies both achieved the team prizes; a great result all-round.

Canterbury 10k

Theresa Johns, Beth Burnett, Fiona Tester winning the ladies team prize at the Canterbury 10k









Canterbury 10k

Jacob Hussey, Peter Hogben, Steve Hobbs winning the men’s team prize at the Canterbury 10k.